Get the SMS API powered by your own phone.

Before Parrot: Sending an SMS programmatically required expensive services like Twilio or Vonage. After Parrot: you can send SMSes using the phone you already have with the mobile plan you already pay for.

The Parrot app is installed directly Learn more

Getting Started

Connecting your phone

Once the app is installed you'll need to connect your phone.

Scan an invite QR code using the app:

Example qrcode


Enter the invite link on the phone:

Sending an SMS message is easy!

Simply send an HTTP request using our simple API using any programming language you want. Your phone will pick up the message and send it onward.


Admin interface

Need insights? No problem.

Parrot has an admin interface so you can add devices and get an overview of your SMS jobs without making API calls.

Parrot SmsJobs Screenshot